When you are planning a holiday in Cairns, you will need to consider if hiring a car while you are there is the right choice for you. This is not just a question of price either; several key factors can determine if car rental in Cairns is your best choice when you are here. Let’s go through some things you should consider below.

1. The rental shortage

Earlier this year, there was a significant shortage when it comes to rental cars in Cairns and throughout all of North Queensland. The COVID crisis has meant that areas including Tasmania, Uluru, and Cairns have struggled to maintain their rental car stock, with many companies being forced to reduce their fleet. This has made it harder for some people to hire cars for their interstate holidays, especially with a big influx during school holidays.

This does not mean hiring a rental car is impossible – the right business can still provide you with a quality rental at a good price. This shortage has mostly been taken care of several months down the line, though you may still want to book in advance as best as you can, just in case!

2. Are you eligible?

It might sound like a silly question, but Australia actually has quite a strict process for being able to rent a car that you might not know about. Your driver’s license alone is not enough to let you commit to a rental despite what you might assume – there is nothing worse than arriving at a depot and realising too late that your rental plans do not work.

The particulars will depend on the business, but you usually must be at least 21 and have held a full license for over a year. Being under 25 may incur additional fees or limit the vehicles you can rent, which you must always keep in mind.

On top of this, under-25s may have different insurance coverage . It is definitely worth checking all of these terms and conditions before comitting to a particular hire company.

3. More control over your destination

The main reason that we like driving our own cars is that we are in charge of both the journey and the route. If you are visiting Cairns, you’re going to want to see the many sights it has available. A rental car can be the way to achieve this, letting you cruise at your own pace and see the city however you wish.

If you aren’t originally from Australia and decide to book a set tour in a group or privately, you will see some amazing sites, but you won’t have the complete freedom to see all of the sites you want to see at your own pace. 

There is much to be aware of when booking your trip to Cairns – but so long as you are eligible and book in advance, hiring a rental car will be worth it to get the most out of your visit. At Mini Car Rentals, our impressive fleet of vehicles is matched by our reputation for quality, which we have been building for over forty years.

Contact us today, and we will help you book the car rental in Cairns for your next trip hassle free.