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Cairns Car Rental
Cairns Car Rental

Mini Car Rentals Are Your Local Cairns Car Rental Experts

When you hire a vehicle with us, we are available to help you not only with your car hire, but getting the most out of your hire car experience.

As a local company, we have the inside scoop on great places to go in your hire car as well as great experiences that you can have along the way. Just ask our staff when you arrive in our office. Find out more about our company and how we can help you with our travel needs!



Choosing the Right Hire Car for Cairns

What type of car will you need to make the most of Cairns and the surrounding areas?

If you only need to fit 2 – 4 people in the vehicle, you have a wide range of choices to choose from, cheap economical compact cars to medium-sized family car hire. Consider making the most of the sunshine on your holiday by hiring one of our convertible models.

We have Mazda MX-5 convertibles available. Book with us early to ensure that you don’t miss out! There is nothing quite like cruising past beautiful beaches and feeling the ocean breeze in your own premium convertible!

Ute hire in Cairns is also available for your convenience when moving loads or if you simply want a proper Aussie experience.

A Beach Highway Looking Over The Mountains And Ocean
Cairns Car Rental

Places Around Cairns to Visit in Your Hire Car

Explore the many outstanding beaches up and down the coast in your hire car.

Mission Beach and Cape Tribulation are some of the most popular beaches near central cairns. The roads are excellent and easy to navigate so drive with confidence past all of these landmarks and enjoy the view.

The rainforest surrounding Cairns is spectacular, with many spots extremely popular with tourists and locals alike.

You can drive to most of these natural attractions easily to witness large waterfalls, swim in peaceful lagoons and even go on kayak adventures. Whatever your travel style you can find a spot to enjoy.

Driving to Cooktown is a minimum two-day rental as we don’t recommend any nighttime driving on open highways purely for your safety as it is a priority. Cooktown can only be accessed via the in-land road as it is sealed.

Cairns Car Rental Guide for Tips & Advice

How long you will need your car hire for in Cairns?

Visitors most often hire a car for either 1, 3 or 5 days. Research the activities that you really want to do in Cairns before making your final decision as to how long to hire your car for.

Because it gets so hot in Cairns in the summer months you should be aware of what you leave in the car as the cabin is likely to heat up fast. Make sure that you are aware of the road rules and stick to the rules even out of town as the area is highly regulated. Also be aware of the wildlife as you travel around, especially in the outer regions.

If you have any more specific questions regarding our hire car services or need some advice to help you make the most of your visit to Cairns, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs. We are available to answer any questions that you may have regarding hiring a car for your next visit to Cairns. Check out our Car Hire Cairns Frequently Asked Questions post!


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