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Terms and Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions


Car Rental Payment is to be made in full on arrival in Australian Dollar (AUD$).

We accept Visa and MasterCard Credit and Debit Cards, Eftpos, American Express, Cash, Travelers Cheques and Bitcoin. Customers choosing to pay by credit card there is a 1.5% credit card levy and a 5% surcharge for American Express (Amex).

A Security Pre-Authorisation Bond Will be Required as Part of Payment. The Amount is Dependent on The Type of Insurance you Select. This Pre-Authorisation Enab;es Mini Car Rentals to Freeze The Security Bond Meaning That the Funds Will go onto Pending in Your Account and you Must Have the Funds Available. Providing The Vehicle is Returned in Good Condition, Then We Cancel it Off immediately. However As Per the Banks Policy, it Can Take From 5-7 Working Days To Cancel Out of Your Account. Please Note* It will not Display as a Refund in Your Bank Account, It will Simply Go off Pending State and Add Back Into Your Balance.

Please note: The credit card holder must be present upon the collection of the vehicle, be included on and sign the Rental Contract Agreement.


Area of Use

Only authorized drivers that are on the car rental contract must only use the vehicle on sealed roads (no off-road driving or dirt roads).

Travel on beaches or through water streams, dams, rivers or flood waters is prohibited at all times. Please Remeber: “If it’s flooded, Forget it.”

Travel in the rental vehicle is only permitted within our hire radius spanning as far north as Cape Tribulation & Daintree, as far South as Mission Beach, and as far inland as Herberton. This includes the waterfall circuit, the Atherton Tablelands, Mareeba, Yungaburra, Cathedral Fig Tree, Milla Milla, Malanda, Tarzali, Innisfail, Babinda, The Northern Beaches, Port Douglas and Mossman Gorge.



It is sometimes difficult for customers to understand the possible liability they will incur if they have an accident in a rental vehicle. Car rental ‘insurance’ is in fact very different to the insurance purchased for privately owned vehicles and those excesses are much higher. Mini Car Rentals provides the following options to reduce both the multi-vehicle and single vehicle excesses in the event of an accident.


Insurance Reduction

Ask for more information*


Windscreen and Tyre Cover

Windscreen and Tyre Cover protects the renter for damage to these items. Windscreen means “front” windscreen. Windscreen damage refers to chips, cracks or stars to the windscreen. “Tyre” means any one of the four tyres on the vehicle at any given time. Tyre damage refers to punctures, cuts and abrasions due to normal driving conditions. In the event of damage to these items, there will be no charge. The cost is $5.00 per day (if not already covered by insurance reduction option).


Drivers Qualifications

Each driver must be listed on the Rental Agreement and must present their driver’s license at the time of collection. There is an additional driver fee of just $5 for as many drivers as preferred. Maximum 4 drivers per rental.

Drivers aged between 21 and 25 years of age are allowed to hire a vehicle, however, are subject to higher multi-vehicle and single vehicle excess amounts although still amounting to the same in order to reduce the excess. Maximum Driving age is 75 years old, as this is stipulated by our insurance company.

Drivers who hold a valid Learner Drivers License (L Plate) or Provisional License (P Plate) may not rent from Mini Car Rentals.


Cancellation Policy

  • 7+ days notice – NO Cancellation fee.
  • 24 hours to 7 days notice – Cancellation Fee is equal to the cost of one day’s hire for the vehicle reserved.
  • Within 24 hours / No Show – Up to full cost of “estimate of charges”.
  • *Please note: If booking is made through our website, booking fee is non-refundable regardless of when booking is made or cancelled.


• Unsealed road is automatic loss of (deposit) bond – NO DIRT ROAD.

• Unleaded petrol (91) on the pump, all car rental vehicles except diesel cars.

• Premium unleaded petrol (95) on the pump, all motorcycles and Mazda MX5.

• $20 fill up fee, plus cost of filling tank, for vehicles not full.

• $50 cleaning fee applies, if extra sand and rubbish not removed.

• NO SMOKING or ANIMALS in hire vehicles ($50 cleaning fee will apply).

• $20 late fee applies if car not returned on agreed time.

• All drivers must be on contract, if not, contract VOID.

• Replacement – wheel trims $35, fuel caps $45

• Windscreen Damage – From $80, Windscreen Replacement – From $400

RACQ – free 24 hour roadside assistance.

CALL OUT FEE applies. $90 if lights left on, flatten battery, lock keys in car, run out of fuel. This service is for breakdowns only.
Charges will apply if used otherwise.

• Authorisation to charge $50 to credit card IF any parking or traffic offences or infringements occur.

• Recovery charges (Debt Collector) will be made if any payments are outstanding!

• Up to a 30 min wait if requiring transfers. We can call a taxi.

• No refund on early returns (includes insurance packages).

• Fire, theft and animal damage is classified as single vehicle accident.

• Wet season – Nov. to April – Please ensure cars are parked away from gutters.

• Payment of all towing costs will apply in an accident caused by driver.

• In the event of a cyclone, the vehicle is YOUR responsibility – excess applies.


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