The coastal Queensland hub of Cairns is a tropical paradise that fans of the outdoors simply love.

Cairns also happens to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, and some of the best Cairns beaches are just a hop, skip and a jump from the Cairns CBD. Especially if you book one of our hire cars.

Here are three of the most beautiful beaches to explore near Cairns.

Clear Waters On Nudey Beach

1. Nudey Beach

Located on beautiful Fitzroy Island, Nudey Beach is one of the most stunning beaches in the Cairns region and is located just 45 minutes on the ferry from the CBD.

Nudey Beach has it all. A lengthy main beach with perfect white sand, turquoise waters, tranquil rainforest with walking tracks, superb views of Cairns’ hinterland and a chilled out atmosphere to relax right into.

Nudey Beach also has some of Cairns’ best swimming and snorkelling spots, and many unique native Australian wildlife call Fitzroy Island home, including goannas and kingfishers.


Landscape Of Trinity Beach

2. Trinity Beach

Located on the northern beaches of Cairns, Trinity Beach is a sunny paradise that is the perfect city beach escape or destination for a few days away near Cairns.

Just 30 minutes from Cairns CBD, Trinity Beach has a long sandy beach fringed by coconut trees. Spend your day splashing in the blue Pacific Ocean waters within Trinity’s swimming enclosure, eating at the nearby beach restaurants or cooking your own food on the barbies along the shoreline.

Trinity Beach also has a range of accommodation to suit all budgets, so why not take a few days here to relax into the friendly local vibe?


Palm Trees At Tropical Beach Palm Cove

3. Palm Cove

The tropical oasis of Palm Cove is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cairns and is located just 25 minutes from the CBD. It makes for the ideal day escape or longer break, especially if you’re visiting the Great Barrier Reef.

With its unparalleled sandy beach fringed by local melaleuca trees and crystal clear waters, Palm Cove is a beach-goers paradise, and you can swim here year-round.

Palm Cove is also renowned for its high-end resorts and accommodations, day spas and shopping, making it the ideal wedding destination or luxury weekend away.


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